Welcome on my blog!

I am a 30 years old senior PHP developer from Hungary (if you are not sure where it is I can recommend this video ;) ). I really like all aspect of PHP, and I always try to find new interests. I can’t say that I started with PHP3 :) , but I developed all kind of PHP applications: frameworks, templating systems, business control applications, ERP system, CMS systems, payment system, general portals and special intranet applications.

In the last one and a half year I was working on high traffic websites (~100 million hits per day). In the end of 2007 I changed and went to ustream.tv as lead developer, and I think it will be a really exciting period of time.

I think PHP has a great community (this one of its strengths), I learned a lot from it, that’s why I am started this blog to give back the experiences.

You can read my CV here in DOC and in PDF format.