Hungarian unicode qwerty keyboard layout

Date November 9, 2007

Unfortunately in the official Hungarian keyboard layout on Mac OS X the z and y letter are replaced. I like to program with English keyboard layout but for writing forum posts or emails I usually use Hungarian keyboard. It was a very schizophrenic situation that z and y was always changing, so I decided to create my own Hungarian keyboard layout. Fortunately there is a program named Ukelele with which it was quite easy to create a new keyboard layout. This is a unicode layout so you can even enter ő, ű in Firefox, which was not possible with the popular custom Hungarian layouts.

The keyboard layout when no modifier pressed:
The keyboard layout when no modifier pressed
The keyboard layout when SHIFT is pressed:
The keyboard layout when SHIFT is pressed
The keyboard layout when ALT is pressed:
The keyboard layout when ALT is pressed
The keyboard layout when FN is pressed:
The keyboard layout when FN is pressed

If you like it you can download it here.

18 Responses to “Hungarian unicode qwerty keyboard layout”

  1. gautama said:

    shift+8 csillag helyett zárójel

  2. Felho said:

    @gautama: thx, I’ll fix in the evening.

    The layout file is updated!

  3. gaba said:

    Your layout had issues on my computer, it didn’t work with QuickSilver and other apps, including NetNewsWire. It did however work with TextMate. Strange.

  4. Felho said:

    @gaba: what does it mean “issues”? Can you specify it a bit? TIA

  5. gaba said:

    Keyboard didn’t work at all. I could not enter text.

  6. Memph said:

    Same problem for me. Having installed it in Library/Keyboard Layouts, only the function keys and the arrow keys worked and the Escape I think.
    Looking forward for a working version :-)
    One note: I’ve got a Mac OS X 10.5 or Leopard.

  7. gautama said:

    I really don’t understand what sense it makes to talk english among obviously hungarians :-P

  8. onetom said:

    it makes sense, because even foreigner linguists can also be interested in this topic.
    i cant point to a specific linguist, because most of them i know are hungarians, but
    i heard about their problems they have when they have to type armenian, sanskrit or
    the international phonetic alphabet (ipa).

    another not: ive got a macbook w osx10.5server w japanese keyboard ;)
    so greetings from japan!

  9. m said:

    @gaba: log out and log in

  10. Steve Varadi said:

    I just wondering this Ukelele 1.8b5 really does NOT working on Leopard?? I download it but I do not see any HU qwerty keyboard layout in it. However Czeh qwerty is already in it:((
    I hope someone will able to solve this problem.

  11. Peter de Groot said:

    Anybody know where I can buy a laptop with English keyboard and software? It’s a problem in Hungary!


  12. Peter de Groot said:

    Yes and my email address is

  13. Typing some foreign language characters - MacNN Forums said:

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  14. Typing some foreign language characters - MacNN Forums said:

    [...] your keyboard layout from the ‘International/Input Menu’ pane in System Preferences. This maps them like this on the US keyboard. Tried it with my Finnish/Swedish – keyboard and it worked fine, except for [...]

  15. benyusz said:

    Hi all,
    I have just bought a macbook in Japan with a Japanese keyboard. It came with Leopard.
    I want to get a Hungarian keyboard layout working. With the default one selected I am missing the 0 (zero), long i (í) and long o (ó). I had to copy-paste them to put them in this post! I also have 2 dead keys. The layout downloaded from this page is even worse, it only gives me é, ö, and ü, nothing else. I tried Ukulele, the results seem quite random. Any ideas? If someone has a working layout file I would be most grateful for a send. I am no expert, I bought this to learn mac os.
    BTW is there a way to enter ascii codes in os x? It would be an improvement over copy-paste.

  16. Ani said:


    I am a very “fresh” Mac user, this is my third time using the comp for more than 5 minutes… I have a Macbook 2.4 GHz, with English Leopard and English keyboard. I have little difficulties when I change the keyboard settings to Hungarian, however I cannot find zero, and when I try to type an o with the accent, the cursor simply jumps about two lines higher in my essays (or, if there are no lines to jump, it simply does not do anything.)

    I was wondering, whether this happened to anyone else, and whether downloading your program could be a solution for me?

    Thanks very much,


  17. haho said:

    Works for me perfectly on Snow Leo – thanks!

  18. DanZi said:

    Same here, I use win 101 keys layout. Z and Y has to be like it is in the US Eng layout. Used Ukelele myself to do some tweaks, ended up having the same issues. In some apps the keyboard just won’t type a single letter…

    Anyone managed to get to the bottom of it? I now use the Mac Hungarian layout where I only swapped z-y and Z-Y with Ukelele, this way at least it seems to be working in every app I use…


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